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No Diving
14 February 2012

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21 August 2007

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Tree Finger
19 July 2007

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bluechameleon on Tractor People 3
Cool shot.

L'Angevine on Tractor People 3

Gary on Tractor People 3
Unusually wide-eyed.

Gary on Tractor People 2
A sinister sneer, perhaps.

Gary on Tractor People 1
Trust me, your not alone. I'm looking forward to more of these fun images.

ripple on Countryside
nice perspective : )

Céline on Angled
Great composition!

Gary on Countryside
Seems they are starting to pop up all over. I do like your rolling hillsides.

Shahriar choobin on Countryside

DIMITRIOS on Countryside
go wind go.............. fine frame

Melocoton on Angled
Exceptional photography arquitectonicam exquisite light, bravo*****

christine on Angled
Excellent POV and bright colours.

Gary on Angled
Thanks for the info on the council building. Quite a history and a light show at night to top it off.

Hanry on Angled
Magnificent portrayed, beautiful views and beautifully lighted! The whole series is very beautiful Angled to mention. ...

Melocoton on Angled
fantástica arquitectura

Gary on Angled
Ah, now your using angles and light. Good work!

Calusarus on Angled
Very interesting geometry

Gary on Angled
This "T" design is fast becoming my favorite. Looks like a giant maze.

Mariana M. on Angled
cool frame

rem_la on Angled
belle effet domino

bluechameleon on Angled
Very cool…love the pattern. Well seen.

Gary on Angled
This is great. I have not seen an architectural design like this before. I like the perspective you shot it from.

Siavash on Angled
Nice Composition!

Siavash on Angled
Lovely Shot :)

Gary on Angled
I love how all these different facades are just butted up against each other. The detail and tones in this are really ...

Shar on Angled
Nice use of lines and repetition - it works well!!!

Mamyni on Angled
great abstract!

Florence on Angled
A great compo once again. Love the grey palette here.

Gary on Angled
Leaving a little of the wall on the left side adds a nice touch. I also have to agree with Florence, reminds me of ...

Florence on Angled
Makes me feel like a piano somehow, black, white... andante, ma non troppo...

Photographs by M.E. on Angled
your architecture series is very engaging!!!

Seldom Seen on Angled
Nice range of tones. I like this architecture a lot!

Nazzareno on Angled
Nice architecture and point of view

Sarito on Angled
Beautiful patterns, the b&w is great

Soheil on Angled
nice shot well done

Yo on Angled
Very nice B & W ! A good graphic photo !

Seldom Seen on Angled
This has so many interesting nooks and crannies to discover. Another fine composition.

Photographs by M.E. on Angled
bravo on another elegant geometrical shot!

Seldom Seen on Angled
Nicely done. You composed this perfectly and the the B&W process really accentuates the highlights and shadows.

Francisco Romero on Angled
This effect is excellent!

Photographs by M.E. on Angled
clean lines & angles! I'm with Florence, this is a good graphic photo!!!

Florence on Angled
Clever search and work on graphism here, impacting repetition of patterns and shapes. Mono is just perfect here.

Shahriar choobin on Angled

Baldwin VW on Angled
Excellent POV, beautiful image !!! I like the combination of concrete and bricks..

omid on Angled
very nice!!

Thierry Pouleur on Angled
excellente composition

Francisco Romero on Angled
Another splendid composition you have created here.

Sebastien on Angled
Nice framing!

Baldwin VW on Angled
Very interesting architecture, great patterns !!! I like your PO, really nice...

Francisco Romero on Angled
Splendid composition!

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